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Software transcends borders, but only if it speaks the language of its users. At ELAN Languages, we specialise in transforming your software into a globally accessible tool, ensuring that each line of code, every user interface element, and all help documents resonate with your target audience, regardless of their location or what language they speak.

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Conquer New Markets

Take your software to new markets with confidence. Our comprehensive software translation and localisation services are your key to unlocking untapped potential and getting your digital products to thrive in the global marketplace.

Localisation Beyond Translation

With a wealth of experience across numerous markets and cultures, ELAN Languages will have your software communicate effectively and appropriately with users worldwide.

Continuous Collaboration

In the fast-paced world of software development, agility is crucial. ELAN Languages offers flexible, scalable translation solutions that integrate seamlessly into your development cycle.

Secure and Confidential

Understanding the value of intellectual property, we adhere to strict security protocols. Our commitment to confidentiality ensures that your proprietary information remains secure, allowing you to trust us with your most sensitive projects.

AI-Driven Multilingual Access

Leverage our innovative AI technologies to provide smooth, instantaneous translations across your software, making every update and user interaction available in a multitude of languages at the push of a button.

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Step through our guided request form to detail your language service needs. Our straightforward process ensures we capture all the essential information to tailor our approach specifically to your project.

Instant Multilingual Access through AI and APIs

In the dynamic digital landscape, real-time AI translation and API integration stand at the forefront of innovation, enabling software to communicate instantly across languages. At ELAN Languages, we harness these cutting-edge technologies to offer seamless, real-time translations for your software, ensuring that updates and user interactions are instantly accessible in multiple languages. Our robust API solutions facilitate smooth integration with your software infrastructure, making the transition to a multilingual platform both straightforward and efficient.
Multiple Languages

Tailored Language Solutions and Integrations

At ELAN Languages, we believe in crafting custom language solutions that perfectly fit the needs unique to your software. Working closely with our clients, we design bespoke translation and integration strategies that seamlessly align with your existing systems.

This collaborative approach ensures that our language services not only enhance the global reach of your software, but also preserve its integrity and user experience. Through personalised attention and expert guidance, we transform language barriers into bridges for global communication.
Tailored Language Solutions

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